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This weekend we are:

Open Sunday
11:00 until 16:00

Can you volunteer?

Would you like to help?  We are looking for volunteers, to help with station duties, signalling and driving.

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2017 Events

Throughout the year we run multiple special event days along side Bank Holidays and Brogdale Festivals.


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2-6-0 Steam Engine

Built 2014

Built by, Beacon, B Jones & Andy Taylor

Our N Class has been under construction for quite some time now, to make sure its perfect for FMR.  Recent updates suggest it will be at FMR early 2014 and might be running passenger trains later in the year.


4-4-0 Steam Engine

Built, 1935

Built by, B K Field

Robin has been at the railway from the start and is now privately owned by one of our volunteers. Robin is currently awaiting refurbishment and a new boiler ticket before it can be put back into passenger traffic.

4-4W Battery-electric

Built, 1990

Built by, T Smith/Cromer White



4W-4 Petrol-Hydraulic

Built c1974

Built by Cromar White


4W Honda Petrol/Hydraulic

Built Unknown

Built by Unknown



0-4-0 Petrol-hydraulic

Re-Built 2013

Re-Built by, A Taylor


4W Petrol-mechanical

Built c1982

Built by, R Day

Our Thumper no longer pulls any public running trains, yet it is still one of the most useful Locos we have.


2-4-2 Petrol-Hydraulic

Built 2005

Built by, A Taylor

Kirtsy is current awaiting restoration.

0-6-0 Petrol-Hydraulic

Built Unkown

Built by, Maxitrax



0-4-2ST Steam

Built 2006

Built by, Maxitrax /A Taylor


4W-4W Petrol Hydraulic

Built 1988

Built by, P Howard / Crowhurst Eng

Before Lady Fiona came to FMR it was part of the private collection owned by Peter Howard at Stoneleigh House Railway.  Lady Fiona was reguaged to 9" for FMR and has since beenone of the hardest working Locos at FMR and after almost 14 years of running, she is currently in the workshop awaiting a complete overhall.

6W-6 Petrol-Hydraulic

Built 2014

Built By, A Taylor