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Would you like to help?  We are looking for volunteers, to help with station duties, signalling and driving.

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2017 Events

Throughout the year we run multiple special event days along side Bank Holidays and Brogdale Festivals.


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Here you can read about the latest news and events from the orchard railway.

Besides rain and drought the main event for the Railway was the Cherry Festival which took place in July. To cope with demand most of our passenger rolling stock was out including our two closed carriages. Thanks to all staff who were on maximum effort and to our passengers for riding the rails

As befits our status as a local and international draw we had customers from all over. Locally passengers came from North Kent (Canterbury, Dartford, Faversham, Gravesend, Sittingbourne, the Isle of Sheppey & Thanet ) and  SE London ( Croydon, Crystal Palace, Swanley). Our international visitors came from Brisbane, Hong Kong, Jordon, New York, Perth, Seattle, Vancouver and Reykjavik

June had us running a number of weekday school trips which were combined with guided tours of the various orchards at Brogdale

Work continues on the new- build 58 Engine. Rumour has it that once finished the Railway will be building 2 new stride carriages. Details to follow in due course

Thursday’s Maintenance Team continue working on refurbishing the yard gates together with never ending trackside work. Maintenance is now switching to the station signal box. Unexpectedly the potato garden at Barry’s signal box has come to life

As is by now probably well known we run each Sunday (usually 11am-4pm), Bank Holidays and Brogdale Festivals. Subject to availability we can also be booked for birthday parties, weddings and school trips. Details can be found on the home page of our award winning website

As ever new members, especially DIYers, are more than welcome to join our Railway Society.  If you’d like to see what we can offer then contact us via our website to arrange a tour of the establishment and estate or just visit and take it from there

The May Bank holiday saw the first official outing of our new steam engine Mogul (2-6-0)-  much to the delight of the families who visited the Railway over the weekend. Stills and video are available to view on our website. Other steam engines are in development. Our new 58 is coming on having passed its basic track tests

Besides our Mogul Steam Engine (see above) the Railway’s goods wagon set had its first public display. It consists of 3 vans, 3 wagons and a guards van from Bolebrook Castle nr Tunbridge Wells. These have been regauged from 7.5 to 9” and restored and they look fantastic behing our N Class.

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Spring has now sprung at Brogdale. Our route takes passengers through cherry and apple orchards now coming into bloom. Finches, dunnocks (upmarket sparrows), blackbirds and sometimes robins can be seen going about their business in the wind breaks and there has been an outbreak of trackside dandelions, daisies and weeds

From time to time we have the unwitting honour of giving a ride to an off-duty celebrity and their family. More usually however its Joe Public from Faversham, Sittingbourne  Dover, Thanet, South London plus visitors from all over the world come to visit our internationally famous 9” railway

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February was mainly taken up with track work. During the month we fitted over 50 concrete sleepers to replace worn out wooden ones. Where necessary track ballast has been re-laid and trackside verges cleared of brash and weeds. Grass cutting has also restarted along with general building maintenanc

February also saw our staff training day ahead of the March re-opening of the Railway. Staff were taken through Health & Safety, safe practice and skill sets necessary for the safe operation of the system

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After December and the Santa Specials, January and for that matter February are manic months with our dedicated volunteers doing everything they can to make sure all the winter work is completed in this small window.

Our Class 58 is coming along nicely, with the frame for the body now complete and the wiring has been started on.  Once this is complete and our air is all run throughout, the final body panels will be fitted before going to our painting team.

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Our amazing ‘Santa Specials’ ran successfully running over the last few Sundays. Everyone, including Santa, seems to have enjoyed themselves and it didn’t rain so that’s a bonus! Thanks to Santa and his helpers for dropping by, to all in the Ticket Office for organizing the show, to our festively clad Santa, drivers, guards, signallers and lastly our ever helpful platform staff.

November itself was a bit of a quiet month, with passengers being mainly local families from the area.

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Another month another festival. This time it was Brogdale’s annual Apple Festival.  This was one of the busiest Apple Festivals we have seen for a while and saw us running 3 trains with 4 locos all day long.   Our Class 31 and No. 5 our Red Shunter could be seen topping and tailing 4 coaches all day long.  

We have our dates for this years ‘Santa Specials’ they will be on Saturday and Sunday 5th & 6th December (Christmas At Brogdale Weekend) and Sunday 13th & 20th December. Tickets are on sale only at our on-site ticket office and cost £3.50 for kids and £1.50 for adults.

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This month saw one of our busiest cider festival, with our team of volunteers running more trains than ever before.  At times we had 4 trains in service, taking passengers around the orchards.

The weather has been good to us this month allowing us to get on with some very important repairs, like the completion of the paint work on our ticket hut, the repair of our main station gate and we even had time to cut some concrete sleepers too.

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An interesting month which peaked with the sunny Cider Festival/Bank Holiday weekend. Like Brogdale itself we were swamped with visitors who patiently queued for their ride in the sun. A good time was had by all so thanks to all those who came and to our team who worked their socks off keeping the trains running and mainly on time.

Naturally being a premier visitor attraction we had our fair share of international guests this month. These included people from Auckland (New Zealand), Bruges (Belgium), Dunedin (New Zealand), Grahamstown (Eastern Cape Sth Africa), Huddersfield (Yorkshire), Illinois (USA), Karlsruhe (Germany), Montpelier (France), Palermo (Italy), and Sydney (Australia). Most of our other visitors came via the cider and beer tents.

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