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Open Sunday
11:00 until 16:00

Can you volunteer?

Would you like to help?  We are looking for volunteers, to help with station duties, signalling and driving.

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2017 Events

Throughout the year we run multiple special event days along side Bank Holidays and Brogdale Festivals.


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Here you can read about the latest news and events from the orchard railway.

Our big news is the arrival of our new covered coach. It will be a good addition to the fleet coupled up to our maroon coach. The new coach has similar seating arrangement to the Maroon coach with a luggage compartment and glazed windows. The windows even feature the old style leather strap for raising and lowering.

The coach will be in service after regauged bogies have been built. Work has progressed on the ticket office roof, inside and out. Platform 3 has been excavated, removing the original chalk based infill and replacing with ballast.

Heavy rain resulted in extensive flooding with the turntable pit becoming a pond and the repair pit filling up with run off water from the field. We have now built a low bank which we hope will reduce the problem. The work goes on and we welcome new volunteers - make yourself known to staff and we will help you decide if the railway is for you.

Santa Specials are running from 11:00 until 4:00 on December 2nd, 9th, 16th. CHILDREN £3.00 with a chance to speak to Santa and a small present, ADULTS £1.00 with a chance to take a photo.

Hope to see you there, if not then A Big Thank You for your support in 2012, A Very Merry Christmas and we hope to see you and our new steam engine in 2013.

The Porter

The new ride has been very successful with our passengers - lots of positive feedback. The 15 minutes ride is still seen as excellent value for only £1.50 and even more so with the possibility of a passing train.

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The railway re-opens on Sunday 4th March with a longer ride on track not previously open to the public. The ride is now greater than 1800 metres, passing the new signal box at "Barry's Box" Junction twice.

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Where did the year go? It has been a busy year. As the weather has been good to us we are still running so no passenger figures for the year yet. We had a large number of successful school parties and private parties during the year, we hope to continue these in 2012.

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The weather has been great to us with passenger numbers holding up. BARRY'S BOX, the new signal box, looks very smart, the result of a lot of hard work.

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August was party month! We had booked parties throughout the month. On one Saturday we had 4 parties. A a young man by the name of Niall became our youngest reported passenger at just 3 days old.

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For those who use Facebook, you may have seen that we connected the rails of the loop on the 17th June.

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It was great to see FMR loco no. 4, HYMEK BR D7043 head code 1A20 back on full passenger duties having been freshly painted. FMR loco no. 9 KIRSTY will be out of service for some time yet.

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Spring has arrived at FMR with many trees already in blossom. Work has gone well on the extension, the final concrete section has been laid. We now have the mammoth task of levelling and alignment for the whole new section once it is complete.

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