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Would you like to help?  We are looking for volunteers, to help with station duties, signalling and driving.

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2017 Events

Throughout the year we run multiple special event days along side Bank Holidays and Brogdale Festivals.


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Here you can read about the latest news and events from the orchard railway.

May was a fairly quiet month for us. There was only the one Bank Holiday which went well

It being almost early Summer everything green suddenly took off. The fields alongside the Railway moved on from hosting dandelions to a new mix of buttercups, daisies, clover and long grasses.  We did our first cut of the windbreaks alongside the track and started pruning the occasional overhanging branch. The 4th year of potatoes at Barry’s Box have suddenly sprouted. Our platform planters in Brogdale Central are now full of donated geraniums

May saw the Permanent Way (P-way) Team installing a new telephone system alongside the double track near to the Torry Hill Point.  This has now been linked to Barry’s Box which enables drivers to contact the signalman if there are any complications on that part of the line, this also allows for some interesting operation later in the year.

Restoration of the ‘Kerr’s’ closed coach has progressed significantly and we hope to have this in service soon.  This coach was purchased from the Royal Victoria Railway at Netley, Southampton and has quite a history to it.  Our restoration team were surprised to find newspapers dating back to the 1940’s

Our Mogul class No.1 has now been tweaked to perfection and is due its boiler certificate for public running in June. ‘ Robin’, another of our steam engines, is also having its boiler tested and should be steaming  in the Summer

On the last Sunday of the month No 1 was out on the line pulling our new collection of scale commercial waggons. These include three aggregate trucks, a meat waggon, a banana van and a general purpose dry goods waggon. The whole set-up looked good and worked well

The Brogdale rabbits continue to borrow into our embankments and in one case even attempted to drill into one of our concrete crossings. The rabbit got down to foundation level before giving up, leaving us to fill in the excavation

Although our regulars will hardly need reminding, the Railway runs each Sunday (usually 11am-4pm), Bank Holidays and the various Brogdale Festivals. Subject to availability we can also be booked for birthday parties, weddings and school trips. Details can be found on our current website. Bookings have already started to come in so it might be worth reserving your slot!

Lastly, and as ever, new members, especially DIYers, are more than welcome to join our Railway Society.  If you’d like to see what we can offer then contact us via our website to arrange a tour of the establishment and estate- or just visit on a Sunday and take it from there. If you do come over best to avoid rainy days!

April was a dry month. The ground cracked up, the rabbits drilled into our embankments and the hedge sparrows, finches and fighting robins got on with what they do. April also saw the cherry orchard  on our down-wind leg start to blossom out as did  the nearby apple orchards at the top of the loop

April was also Bank Holiday time. The railway was open for the four days of the holiday (Fri-Mon) and got flooded out with families so much so that at times we had to run three trains. We also tried a top and tail and double headed set-ups using two engines pulling some 30 passengers on each trip. People seem to have enjoyed themselves which is the important thing. As usual our thanks to all volunteers who put so much effort into making the holiday a success

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March saw the beginning of the 2017 Season and a welcome to our early passengers. For some reason there was hardly any rain on our running Sundays. Towards the end of March it went sunny and the blossoms on the ornamental cherry trees alongside the track suddenly broke cover. Looking good!

A 4 day Brogdale Easter Bank Holiday weekend is coming up towards the end of April. We plan to be running each day and hope to keep queues to a civilised minimum

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Suddenly its 2017 and  maintenance time for the Railway. During January our Maintenance Team started work on refitting points and sleepers in the station. This project involves disconnecting the various rodding and cables extracting sleepers and then slipping in their replacements and reconnecting everything. Work started off quite well but rain and mud has slowed us down a bit so the project will be completed in February 

As it rained on some of our Maintenance Sundays the Team had the time to reorganise the Carriage Shed and gave it a bit of a clear out, as well as re-nailing loose external shiplap boarding and cleaning the Shed’s gutters

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December was Santa month. Thanks to his influence it didn’t rain (or snow) on the three Sundays we were running our Santa Specials. Which was nice.  As usual everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves. What was noticeable was the number of repeat visitors we were getting and the various complements on the whole show. Makes it all worthwhile!  Our thanks to everyone who came and those involved and especially to Santa and his various elfs

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November was something of a low key month. With the change in the weather and the shorter days railway traffic eased off. Even though our Sundays have been usually cold and overcast passengers seem to have enjoyed themselves as they went around our almost one mile circuit

Our long term recruitment plans are motoring ahead. How its works is that being a family-type railway a number of grandparents and parents bring their young kids along to ride the rails. In some cases these kind-hearted people then discover their young charges are so taken by the experience they want to join the railway society there and then.  Unfortunately as our operational age limit is 16+ they have a bit of a wait, but their family adults are always welcome to join!

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October was a busy month. The rainy season returned with over an inch of rain falling in 2 hours on the first Sunday of the month which flooded the depot.  Also returned are the fighting robins which have taken over the depot  and various nearby hedgerows.

Fortunately it didn’t rain properly during October’s Apple Festival. As usual the railway was busy with family rides from 10 in the morning to 5 at night. Everyone seems to have had a good time including our hardworking volunteer staff.

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Oddly, something of a quiet month after August perhaps due to ’back to school’ or disbelief at our ever-so reasonable fares at £1.50 a ride (children under 2 go free!). Things are slowly building up to the October Apple festival

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August was hot! hot! hot! and had the ground going hard and cracking in the heat. Surprisingly it didn’t rain over the August Bank Holiday weekend which was just as well as it was Brogdale’s annual Cider Festival. Passenger demand was such that in the afternoons we ran two trains with extra coaches  so people didn’t have to wait too long for their trip. A good time seemed to be had by all and we were congratulated for our value-for-money rides and prompt service.

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