March 2014

After a couple of month’s break we re-opened this month and were pleasantly surprised to find that we almost had full trains from the first train we ran. We have become a definite Brogdale fixture for tourist and local families alike.  Opening and running times can be found on our website

There are no increases in fares this year.  So the cost of a single on weekends and Bank Holidays is a straight £1-50 (babies go free), but at festivals we only charge a flat rate of £1-00 per passenger (again babies go free)

Those who have a copy of the Spring 2014 issue of the ‘Miniature Railway Magazine’ will have seen the illustrated article about our Railway.  It covers our history, the Railway today, and describes a trip around our track.  The National Fruit Tree Collection, the shops in the Courtyard and café also get a mention.  The magazine’s website is

Our new open articulated carriage is almost ready for running.  It’s designed to move a bit like a ‘bendy bus’, having an articulated joint between two carriages.  The seating arrangements have been laid out so that it’s adult/child, adult/child etc which should help to fit families on more easier.  The colour scheme is green and the hand –crafted cushioned seats are in black.  There is also a nifty screw brake on board for the guard, click here to take a look at the work so far.

Construction is also nearing completion on our new two-seater guard’s wagon which is likely to be tacked onto the back of our two covered coaches when in use.

Thanks to the efforts of new volunteers our winter clear-up of the sheds and yard has now been completed . ‘Mogul’ the Brogdale/s